Any of the unusual events, which could not be fully explained by science, researched by Charles Fort. Fort made it his life’s work to collect reports of odd and unexplainable occurrences. He founded the Fortean Society in 1931, a year before he died, to study these peculiar events which came to be known as Fortean Phenomena. The most-investigated cases usually involved one of the following areas:

  • Bleeding statues and paintings of religious icons that, without explanation, began to ooze red fluid (In many cases this fluid was analyzed and found to be blood).
  • Growths such as blobs on city sidewalks or streets.
  • Encounters with mysterious creatures (ie: Bigfoot, Mothman, etc.).
  • Rains of blood, stones, frogs, living fish, and other objects.
  • Unexplained lights (ie: The Joplin Lights, which bounce and move with intelligence in empty fields).
  • Twins that suffer identical injuries although hundreds of miles apart.
  • Levitation experiences.
  • Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC), where a person suddenly catches on fire from inside the body.
  • Unexplainable disappearances and appearances, where people vanish without a trace and suddenly appear hundreds of miles away.
  • Amazing coincidences.
  • Family jinxes, where family members seem to have incredible strings of bad luck.

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