Fortune Brands, a MegaCorporation.

A while ago, I was doing a writeup on Staplers. My stapler was Swingline brand, which was a company owned by Acco Brands. Acco Brands, in turn, is owned by Fortune Brands.

Kinda reminds me of Time Warner.

WHAT: Fortune Brands is a hidden-behind-the-curtain quiet-management style of company that lets it's subsidiaries operate autonomously. They just collect huge paycheques. Some of their more famous brands:
Of course, they have many other things that I probably haven't heard of because I live under a rock. The complete list of subcompanies (some of which have, in turn, further sub-companies):

WHO: You can contact Fortune Brands at:

Fortune Brands, Inc.
300 Tower Parkway
Lincolnshire, IL 60069

phone: (847) 484-4400

$$$: Fortune Brands grabbed 5.6 Billion in sales last year.

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