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Time-warps are real. Even Earth causes one, albeit a very mild one - it's barely measurable.

Large, spinning masses cause a local slowing down of time, akin to the time-dilation caused between two observers at high relative speeds.

That is to say, a clock within such a 'time-warp' field runs slower than clocks outside the field, as evidenced by the fact that the affected clock gets behind the unaffected clock, in an amount proportional to the duration of it's immersion.

The principle is known as frame-dragging, was predicted by Albert Einstein, and is believed to hold promise for creating small time-warp fields, once synthesis of miniature black holes or quark nuggets becomes possible.

By spinning very dense masses at sufficient speeds, engineers hope to create 'stasis-field' devices for the preservation of rare, perishable items, like organs for transplant.

The evidence for frame-dragging, from the Rossi X-ray telescope, was found in 1997.

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