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Frank Stewart writes most of the bridge columns that appear in newspapers and any decent online bridge page. (see http://www.baronbarclay.com/sheinwold/SHEINWOL.html for some recent samples)

His daily bridge hand usually begins with an anecdote (generally not very amusing), followed by a brief retelling of the hand presented today. He shows all four hands in the standard format, and the bidding, then usually tells how his theoretical players played the hand, followed by what went wrong and how you would have played it, since you're so much smarter than they are.

Then he has his daily puzzle, in which you are presented with a hand, and a bidding sequence up to a certain point, and asked, "What's your call?" Then he explains what bid would be the most common under standard conventions. AFAIK, his column has been printed every day for millenia without a single repeat.

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