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A British comedian famous for his insane, surreal style of comedy, who will do anything to get a laugh. Used to be hilarious, and one of my childhood heroes, but is now a bit of a forlorn, strange figure, a bit out of touch with modern comedy. Before he turned to comedy, he was a bit of a pop star, and did a passable Elvis turn.

There was a rumour that he bit or ate somebody's hamster, for some reason which isn't clear, and this was the basis for the famous Sun (British tabloid) headline "Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster!". The Sun, a grimy fascist rag I wouldn't wipe my arse on, is famous for its "hilarious" headlines, scathing slander, and rampant xenophobia.

One of Freddie's funnier escapades was goose-stepping up and down Oxford Street in London dressed as Hitler, hailing taxis and demanding to be taken to Poland. Apparently he did this quite a lot.

Freddie is now reduced to doing things like "Beat the Crusher", an inane quiz show where contestants gamble their car on the outcome. If they lose, then their car actually gets crushed, in front of them. It's quite horrible to watch, and the people involved seem genuinely upset at the loss of their car - their car is really destroyed, forever and ever, and they don't get compensated. Freddie hosted this with Melinda Messenger, a woman who is famous for having large breasts and... er... nope, that's it really. It was taken off the air after a lot of complaints, although this was it was mainly because it was shite, and not because of the complaints.

Freddie seems to have something wrong with him these days, and appears lost and confused when he speaks. His comedy act now seems to consist of shouting, swearing, and desperately doing anything to provoke laughter/outrage. It is painful to watch, a bit like the office joker making a tit of themselves at the Christmas party. It's a shame, this guy used to be one of the funniest comedians in the business, but now he's just a sad, confused, strange little man.

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