Yet another P2P client that has learnt from those Greek warriors sneaking up on Troy.
"NO nags, NO banner ads, NO links to online shopping in the program", is the advertisement for this seemingly "lighter" version of Limewire. I guess their statement is true, since all the annoyances I had when installing it, were clearly outside FreeWire itself. Software included in FreeWire will hijack IE settings, fill up your desktop with shortcuts to gambling websites, mess with the registry and auto-run spyware with mainly innocent-looking names, etcetera.

Removing it all by yourself is no doubt possible, but a gruesome task. Running the newest versions of Spybot and Ad-aware after uninstalling FreeWire itself seems to get rid of all the spyware, although you might have to go over browser settings etc. manually.

It appears there was not a spyware problem with the earliest versions of FreeWire, ie - if you have an early, spyware-free version, stick to it.

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