What is Spybot, and what does it do?
Search & Destroy 1.1
Spybot-S&D searches your hard drive for so-called spy- or adbots; little modules that are responsible for the ads many programs display. But many of these modules also transmit information about your surfing behavior and more to the net.

This program is similar to Ad-aware. Spybot will destroy a very big list '3,280' different programs that "Find" their way onto your computer without your consent. You may find a list of the programs it will remove and a FAQpage at (http://beam.to/spybotsd). I suggest downloading this program, or even if not this one get Ad-aware, both are free. It will safely remove unwanted programs, especially the one I hated, Xupiter. I searched for a program to remove Xupiter and found Spybot. Spybot removed it's utilities out of my Internet browser, off my hard drive, and I haven't seen it since.

The Screen Savers, a television show devoted to help fix computer programs has devoted a show to Spybot. Spybot is not just some hoax, it was well built and works.

Where can I get the program, and what are it's utilities?
The program comes with extra utilities to help satisfy your needs. A log will tell you every time you have ever checked for spyware, if and when you fixed errors, what programs were removed, and errors were fixed. It also comes with a Recovery file just in case you actually wanted a program that it deleted, 'you will not find this the case, not any of the programs it deletes are useful, in any way!.' But if this is the case, you can change the settings to not delete anything apart of that file. There is a help file utility in the program.

The program also comes in twenty languages:

Why do I want it?

  1. It's free!
  2. User Friendly!
  3. Get's rid of 3,280 unwanted programs that you didn't install.
  4. Quickly downloaded, and easily updated. Takes little space on your computer, 13 MB.
  5. When you run the program, it takes about one minute, saving you time from searching and destroying the files yourself in about an hours worth of time.

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