Weebl and Bob (full title: The Everyday Happenings of Weebl (and sometimes Weebl's friend Bob)) is a series of Flash animations by a J. Picking (who uses the handle "Weebl") who lives in the United Kingdom.

The animations, which reside at http://www.weebl.jolt.co.uk (as of January 23, 2004, there are 55), feature various silly almost-plots, usually involving pie. Each episode has a soundtrack consisting of some kind of looping techno music. The characters' voices are generally quite slurred and often unintelligible if one doesn't read the provided speech balloons. What they do say is generally total pap anyhow, but in a good way. If you're imagining something like Pokey the Penguin which actually makes sense (of a sort), that's not too far off. It's humor of the absurd.

Historical note, January 2004: the description above and cast list below were written in 2002 when the node was first written. I haven't really kept up with Weebl and Bob except to update the episode count every few months, so it may be significantly out of date. I'll get to it eventually.

The cast:

Update Nov. 6, 2002: PyramidHead informs me that Weebl and Bob can now be seen on MTV UK. Investigation reveals that "Wobbl and Bob" (the name was changed for MTV due to trademark issues) airs at 9:58 PM weekdays. There will be 28 episodes aired: fourteen from the website and fourteen original cartoons. The sound captures I heard indicated that the MTV-aired versions have new background music but are otherwise untouched. It is currently unknown whether the cartoons will air in the US and other non-UK places.

Update Jan. 23, 2004: JoeBaldwin says re Weebl and Bob: Methinks Weebl is also behind a series of butter adverts in the UK. Just thought I'd mention :) The ads (of which at least one is lying around teh Intarweb) are for a brand called Anchor Spreadable, and star Weebl- and Bob-shaped cows. Or is it cow-shaped Weebl and Bob? Whichever.

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