One thing that should be known about Macromedia Flash is its recent bloat.

At version 1, Flash was a simple vector animations program. There was little else to it. It was small, and fast. The way vector animation was meant to be.

At version 2, Flash had additional features like mouse events, and sounds. It was simple vector animation program that became useful for the multimedia enthusiast.

At version 3, Flash hit its peak. Everything became more robust, and it had all the real features it could need. It was also at this point it began to bloat. I could no longer easily use Flash 3 with my 100 MHz machine, and I required abnormally large resolutions to properly design the animations as I wished. True, the addition features were great in some aspects, but not worth their addition fee and size.

Version 4 added more interactivity, bringing features traditionally found only in Macromedia Director. True it gave the developer much more power within a single application, but not much more then that really. The user interface was redesigned, forcing me to use even larger resolutions to develop properly. The over all system requirements were also umphed, as were the requirements for the end-user animations (Which were no longer simple animations).

Then there was version 5, and 6... all of which add more bloat, and require a super-computer to properly develop with.
I think Flash is one of the most appropriate names for a product, possibly even better than the Keyboard in a Box. I can just see some web designer talking to their boss:

Developer: We need to use Flash!
Boss: What is it?
Developer: It's Flash!
Boss: What does it do?
Developer: Er, it's flashy!
Boss: Does it do anything useful?
Developer: Well, no, but it's flashy...
Boss: let's do it.

Ok, I'll admit Flash has good uses, we've used it to do some neat tutorials that would be hard to do short of an even more bloated java applet with a lot more programming, but it has a lot more abuses. Most of the websites that use it don't need it, they use it to make 1 minute "movies" as an introduction to their site, they use it to do rollovers that would be much better done with JavaScript, they use it to add superfluous sounds to their websites. In a word, it's damn annoying. It's flash, it's useless, mind numbing flash. Hence the name...

Macromedia Flash Player
"A vector graphic animation technology that's bandwidth friendly and browser-independent...If it's on the Web and it's moving (incessantly), it is probably a design using Flash"

Quit it already
While Macromedia Flash animation maybe necessary to navigate or even useful for some web users and web sites, its abuse in onsite advertising has left others feeling increasingly poked without provocation. On many NE Asian sites it has the looping demented tempo of a stuttering epileptic berserker2. Suppressing pop-ups and banner ads was easy but to stop Flash advertising it is a little harder.

One way is to remove the plug in itself that make play possible. For those that find Flash! repeatedly enabled on their browser and can't find out how to remove it, i.e it doesn't always appear in add/remove programs in Windows),- there is a downloadable uninstaller1 on the macromedia site that seems to work with any version.

The other, more immediate alternative, to stop endlessly repeating blipverts is to right click on the offending animation and select 'back', on the menu, this seems to to make the animation ignorably static, at least until the page is refreshed.

1At the time of writing uninstaller is found at

2Look at any selection of Korean web portals for examples.

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