Dear Stannie Please send me the information I ask you for as follows:

The Sisters: Can a priest be buried in a habit?

Ivy Day in the Committee Room -- Are Aungier St and Wicklow in the Royal Exchange Ward? Can a municipal election take place in October?

A Painful Case -- Are the police at Sydney Parade of the D division? Would the city ambulance be called out to Sydney Parade for an accident? Would an accident at Sydney Parade be treated at Vincent's Hospital?

After the Race -- Are the police supplied with provisions by government or by private contracts?

         Kindly answer these questions as quickly as possible. I sent my story The Clay (which I had slightly rewritten) to The LITERARY World but the cursedly stupid ape that conducts that journal neither acknowledged it nor sent it back. This kind of thing is maddening. Am I an imbecile or are these people imbeciles.... Will you read some English 'realists' I see mentioned in the papers and see what they are like -- Gissing, Arthur Morrison and a man named Keary. I can read very little and am as dumb as a stockfish. But really I think that the two last stories I sent you are very good. Perhaps they will be refused by Heinemann. The order of the stories is as follows. The Sisters, An Encounter and another story which are stories of my childhood: The Boarding-House, After the Race and Eveline, which are stories of adolescence: The Clay, Counterparts, and A Painful Case which are stories of mature life: Ivy Day in the Committee Room, A Mother and the last story of the book which are stories of public life in Dublin. When you remember that Dublin has been a capital for thousands of years, that it is the 'second' city of the British Empire, that it is nearly three times as big as Venice it seems strange that no artist has given it to the world. I read that silly, wretched book of Moore's 'The Untilled Field' which the Americans found so remarkable for its 'craftsmanship.' O, dear me! It is very dull and flat, indeed: and ill written.

Correspondence Regarding Joyce's "Dubliners":
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