Froogle is an online store search engine from Google. It is still in Beta, but it is already great. You can type in a few keywords (for example, "CD Burner") and hit search, and you will see, in a nice tidy format complete with thumbnail pictures, short descriptions, and prices, a list of things that Froogle thinks are CD burners. You may have some false results, such as burners for stoves or CD-ROM drives, but in general things will go smoothly. You can search in categories and specify a range of prices to narrow down your results. I think the only problem is that there isn't a unified payment system for all the stores that Froogle searches, although PayPal could simplify things quite a bit.

This could help smaller independent stores succeed in an online market dominated by giants like, which I view as a good thing, since it promotes competition.

If you want to try it out, the address is:

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