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A Russian heavy metal band featured in Kevin Smith's Clerks. The band is fronted by Olaf Oleeson, who is ostensibly a cousin of Silent Bob from Moscow. The band's single (or at least initial) North American fan appears to be Silent Bob's life partner Jay, who never gets tired of hearing Olaf belt out an a cappella version of the band's song "Berserker".

North American metal fans seem to be initially put off by the band's name, not so much for its insulting qualities, but because it doesn't sound like a metal band name. Poison. Seduce. Twisted Sister. Faster Pussycat. Deathtöngue. Those are heavy metal band names. To counter the band name's enigmatic qualities as regards its stylistic position in the rock spectrum, lead singer Olaf has perfected his "metal face", which instantly wins over fans.

Olaf's goal is to move his band from the environs of a New Jersey quickstop parking lot to New York City and make it big. In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001), the characters can be seen wearing Fuck Your Yankee Blue Jeans tshirts. The back of the tshirt reveals that Olaf and the Fuck Your Yankee Blue Jeans did manage to make a go of singing Russian heavy metal to not only North American audiences but fans world wide. The "Berserker" tour dates are listed as follows:

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