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A three person garage band that reoccurs in Kids In the Hall skits. Originally it was called "Armada" but then drummer Rod Torkelson (played by Bruce McCulloch) decided to call it "Rod Torkelson's Armada". Despite pressure from Rod's father, that extra billing did not sit right with bass player Herman Menderchuk (played by Mark McKinney), who threatened to leave. To keep peace in the band, Torkelson renamed it a second time to "Rod Torkelson's Armada Featuring Herman Menderchuk". It is unknown why the unnamed lead singer/guitarist (played by Kevin McDonald) did not also request some form of billing.

When they're not spending most of their band practice doing mike checks, asking each other if they're going to "make it", they play their song "Trampoline Girl". The lyrics seem to go something like:

Tramp / She's a tramp / she's a trampoline girl / She's a tramp / she's a trampoline girl / She's a tramp / she's a trampoline girl / She's a tramp / she's a trampoline girl. She's a tramp...

The largest number of people they ever get to a gig is 60 people. (Sixty people? That's a salad bar.)

At one point Rod and Herman were going to kick Kevin out of the band and replace him with a much better guitar player. They claimed fans were complaining too much about Kevin's playing. Kevin convinced Rod and Herman that if they let him stay in the band he would take a third job and pay each of them a small salary until they "make it". Rod and Herman agreed, with the proviso that two skanky women friends could join the band as backup singers/tambourine players. They would be billed as "The Dudettes".

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