It actually dates back to 60's suburbia, in reference to a group of teenagers jamming three-chord rawk in Dad's garage, usually inspired by the Beatles or Stones or their local beat group (or "rockin' teen combo" as Zappa might have put it). Many great one-hit wonders of the sixties were hatched in garages.

As mentioned, a garage band is a band, usually made up of a small group of friends of around high school age, that play in one of their garages for their enjoyment and to the dismay of the neighbors.

While a few of these bands eventually go on to great things, most are never heard of beyond their city, perhaps releasing an album and doing the rounds of the local clubs and other live band venues. Some never become good enough to even make it out of the garages.

One notable garage band from the silver screen would be Wyld Stallyns. For those of you who don't watch many movies or who are under 20 *sigh* the movie in question would be Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

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