Hailing from Bellingham, Washington, and a huge local band in Seattle during that thing, Mono Men was founded by:

guitarist/singer Dave Crider, formerly of The Roofdogs, who went on to run Estrus records and play with the Watts and is now in The DT's

bassist Ledge Morrisette, also formerly of The Roofdogs,

drummer Aaron Roeder, also also formerly of The Roofdogs, and who also went on to join the Watts,


guitarist Marx Wright, also also also formerly of The Roofdogs, (makes you wonder who got kicked out of The Roofdogs, don't it?)

who was replaced shortly thereafter by

John Mortensen, formerly of Game of Vultures (but not of The Roofdogs).

Their sound hailed back to mid-60s rock, but tended to be much faster and more distorted than its influences, mixing styles with punk-rock. The band existed from 1990 till 1998, when the members went their various (or not so various) ways. The band has appeared on literally dozens of compilations, split LPs EPs, and CDs (with the bands Apemen, Girl Trouble, and the Stokastikats), and also on several tribute albums (for bands ranging from The 13th Floor Elevators to The Sonics. Their music has been marketed by Estrus, SubPop, Scat, Rise, Au-Go-Go, Impossible, and Lucky records. Their actual album discography looks like this:
  • Stop Draggin' Me Down (1990)- Estrus Records
  • WRECKER! (1992)- Estrus Records
  • Back To Mono (1992)- two-disc album, released in Japan
  • Bent Pages (1993)- Au-Go-Go Records
  • Shut The Fuck Up! (1993- 10" not-quite LP length- the CD was released simply as "Shut Up!")- Estrus Records
  • Sin & Tonic (1994)- Estrus Records
  • Live At Tom's Strip 'n Bowl (1995- 10" live record)- Estrus Records
  • Gypsy Woman Live (1996)- Impossible Records
  • Ten Cool Ones (1996)- Scat Records
  • Have a Nice Day, Motherfucker (1997)- Estrus Records


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