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Found in most mid to low-priced resturaunts the salad bar is a layout of fruits and raw vegtables along with an assortment of condiments and garnishes where one can build their own salad. I hope one day to find the Ultimate Salad Bar

If I remember correctly salad bars came into prominence in the mid 1970s. There's probably lots of reasons for this--the most notable being the reduced labor costs, and making the consumer feel they had control over their food, but still were having someone else prepare it. I remember as a kid, though a restaurant with a salad bar was a big deal.

Also, keep in mind the salad bar was invented long before the sneeze guard. Even with sneeze guards, salad bars could have other hygiene problems. You don't know where people have put the tongs, people could have handled the food, people shorter than the sneeze guard (me, for instance) could have sneezed or spat in the salad bar, improper temperatures could make food spoil, etc. Not to say there aren't well-managed salad bars out there, just that it's caveat emptor.

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