disclaimer: wharfinger has informed me that this is an urban legend, and thus my father was quite possibly pulling my leg. so this story may be entirely apocryphal. you have been warned.
My father flies 737s for Continental Airlines. He's been doing this for most of my life. During this time, he's had some weird stuff happen to and around him. Here is the most amusing story he's ever brought home:

One day, he arrived at the aircraft a little bit late. He went through the preflight process, including a brief visual inspection of the aircraft. When he was done, he climbed the stairs back onto the jetway and found that passengers were already being loaded. Getting into the line of people waiting to board the plane, he overheard a loud conversation taking place a few places in line ahead of him.

Apparently, there was a woman in the line wearing an extremely expensive mink fur coat. The woman behind her in line felt very strongly about animal rights issues, and was expressing her views rather loudly, harrassing the woman in the fur coat. The activist's ranting increased in pace and volume for another minute or so, until she was silenced with a beautiful line:

"Do you have any idea how many animals had to die to get you that fur coat?" asked the activist.

The fur-coated woman snorted contemptuously and said: "Lady, do you have any idea how many animals I had to sleep with to get this fur coat?"

No more was heard from the activist, though I'm sure this incident turned into a feminist monograph in a journal somewhere.

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