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giga- = G = gilley

GIGO /gi:'goh/ [acronym]

1. `Garbage In, Garbage Out' -- usually said in response to lusers who complain that a program didn't "do the right thing" when given imperfect input or otherwise mistreated in some way. Also commonly used to describe failures in human decision making due to faulty, incomplete, or imprecise data. 2. `Garbage In, Gospel Out': this more recent expansion is a sardonic comment on the tendency human beings have to put excessive trust in `computerized' data.

--The Jargon File version 4.3.1, ed. ESR, autonoded by rescdsk.

(from the Garbage In-Garbage out acronym). The most used gateway software
to exchange data between Fidonet-style networks and the Internet. Written
by Jason Fesler, it allowed mail and newsgroups exchanges, offered
rudimentary mailing list interface services, and was available for DOS and
OS/2, the operating systems most BBS's used. It needed a UUCP
newsfeed, that was either fetched through the accompanying UUCICO
software, or one of its many replacements. Initally released as shareware,
Jason published a key generator on his site - gigo.com - when he
decided not to support it anymore (this happened circa 1996).

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