The belief that "every piece of software not released under the GNU GPL or a compatible licence is evil and should not be supported." Especially fervent when discussing pieces of software that might be essential to the future of Linux or the Free Software Community, such as the recent Great Desktop Schism.

RMS is a GNU purist, Linus Torvalds is not.

GNU purism, ethnic cleansing, bigotry, reich.

As said above, RMS is a non-conformist, yet his followers feel that purism (aka conformity) is a good thing.

Diversity is the answer. Cross-breed. Find the splice between species. Success by multiple approaches.

Learn from Microsoft's and Windows' strengths. Avoid their pitfalls.
Learn from Borland's and Cygnus' strengths. Avoid their pitfalls.
Learn from Lotus' and Oracle's strengths. Avoid their pitfalls.
Learn from RedHat's and GNU's strengths. Avoid their pitfalls.

Such zealotry smacks me of a madman spitting as he yells, "DEATH TO ALL FANATICS!"

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