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GOOG411 is a new 411 service by Google.

Heads up about GOOG411:

  • GOOG411's FAQs states the service is "only available in the US." While true, it isn't completely available as it does not support all cities
  • GOOG411 collects your phone number and puts it into a database and associates it with your use of the service. One has the option to use *67 to block his or her number and can also delete the association of the number by pressing the * key then 9 after dialing into the service. (Note: there may be a fee charged for the use of the *67 option. Consult your phone's plan details for information.)
  • Google still retains all usage information to audit and improve the service

How to use GOOG411:

  • dial 800GOOG411, 8004664411, or *6780046611
  • say City & State
  • say a business name, or
  • say a category (e.g., pizza delivery) to hear the top 8 list of businesses within the category and the street address of each. Each business and its location is given a number 1-8.
  • say or press the number to connect to the business and location of your choice
  • say "details" to hear the number, name, and address, additionally
  • say "text message" if using a mobile phone to have those same details text messaged to you along with a URL to a mobile-friendly page including a option to view a map, price, payment methods accepted, user reviews, and Google's search results
  • say "go back" at any time to hear what was previously stated again
  • say "start over" to return to the City & State prompt

Additional information related to GOOG411:

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