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Galeon is a lightweight Open Source/Free Software web browser for the GNOME Desktop Environment that provides a GTK+ interface to Gecko, Mozilla's rendering engine. Galeon tends to focus purely on web browsing unlike other browsers which focus on other web related tasks, or on integration with the desktop. Galeon's advantages are that it lacks unneccessary features present in more bloated web browsers, has more finely tuned UI with efficient features such as tabbed browsing and mouse gestures, and has a GTK+ interface make it load faster than Mozilla, while rendering as fast, and it looks behaves and integrates like the rest of the user's GNOME/GTK+ applications. Galeon is released under the GPL, although the Gecko engine it requires is released under a mix of the MPL, NPL, and GPL, which has been moving progressively closer towards being licensed entirely under the GPL.

Using Galeon, you can also add a cool Everything2 search field! My old instructions have been superseded by flamingweasel's excellent How to search e2 from a Galeon toolbar node.

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