Oh, hey there. I'm Galzeekebull, the fear-eating demon. Don't worry, I won't scare you. I've already had dinner.

Now, see, people are always freaking out over fear-eating demons. I guess it's because, well, I mean we do eat fear. But really, we aren't dangerous by nature. I mean, we don't want to hurt anyone, we just want to scare you. Okay, yeah there are some fear-eating demons who use torture, but that's not because they're demons. It's because they're assholes.

Let me explain it this way. Torturing people for fear is like.... it's like hitting up a fast food chain to get some conveniently quick crappy calories because you're too lazy to learn to cook something gourmet. You want a gourmet meal? First you go out and pick up the right ingredients; then you follow a recipe, but you improvise as well, knowing just when to add a pinch of this or try a sprinkle of that.

Like a subtle seasoning which enriches the meal even though you can't put your finger on it, the most delicious fears arise from subtlety as well. The chill discomfort you feel when the temperature inexplicably seems to drop a few degrees; the hairs of your neck standing from the sound of a twig snapping so faintly that it barely registers in your conscious mind. The sudden sensation of something brushing unseen against your foot -- a spider? a centipede? was it your imagination? Are you going mad? And I do like to clear the palate between courses --
....those noises in the darkness, what is it? Who's there? Did I just hear a sharply drawn breath? Something's right next to me!! .... oh, whew, it's just the cat, alright, clear off you little-- HOLY SHIT MONSTROUS FANGED HELLBEAST HOVERING OVER ME!! BATLIKE WINGS COVERED IN SO MANY HORRID LEERING EYES!! CAN'T.... MOVE.... SPINE-CLAWED HAND REACHING FOR MY FACE-- AAAAAAIIIIHHHH!! wha--? I guess.... guess I must have been having a nightmare. Why, there's nothing there at all. I'll try to get back to sleep. But, gah, why is it suddenly so chilly in here?
Now that, friend, is better than you'll get in any fast food restaurant. I'll have to eat here again!!

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