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A respectably fast, featureful GPU made by Nvidia and used on dozens of mid-range video cards from Leadtek, Albatron, Asus, eVGA and others, circa 2002-03. It is intended for use on AGP cards. To my knowledge no PCI Express ones exist, though there were a few regular old PCI models, useful for those with older machines or who want a second video card.

The chip runs at 400MHz and supports a 256-bit memory bus to which either 128 or 256MB of DDR SDRAM is attached. Cards based on this chip usually have 2 RAMDACs and support up to two VGA or DVI monitors at resolutions up to 2048x1536 in 32-bit color (actually 24 bit color plus 8 alpha bits). Most cards have a PC-compatible VGA BIOS, though some have OpenFirmware ROMs for use in Macintosh computers. Theoretically one of these cards could be used in a Sun workstation, though no full-capability drivers for Solaris on SPARC exist.

Nvidia provides drivers for this chipset under Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris x86 and FreeBSD. The Linux drivers are available for x86, Itanium and AMD64, with drivers for Linux PowerPC expected eventually. Users of NetBSD, OpenBSD, Syllable and other OSes can use the Open Source drivers, which only provide 2D acceleration.

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