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Generic Legions (GL) is a series of wargame rulesets for science fiction miniatures, designed for use with whatever miniatures you happen to have handy. You can use the background universe that comes with it or you can throw in the background from anything else.

The game mechanics are designed so that you can take any miniature you have, regardless of who manufactured the figure or what game it might have been originally intended for, and quickly and easily figure out the unit's characteristics in GL terms. You can mix and match miniatures from different manufacturers, different game systems, even different scales, as long as you think it looks good on the tabletop.

Due to its nature, GL is a "living" game system, a "work in progress". The system is slowly evolving and growing. Since it's a freebie, you don't have to worry about paying for a new edition or expansion pack every couple of months. Players are encouraged to create their own material for the GL universe and distribute it freely.

GL is a game system for people who are tired of the "regular" science fiction miniatures games. People who want an alternative to the more popular rules out there. Gamers who want something perhaps a little more realistic (koff!), yet still playable, fun, and easy to learn. People brave enough to try something new, something different, something that features huge combat robots wearing neckties.

The GL project started out in the mid-1980's as our local game club's set of "advanced rules" for the old MAATAC game from Superior Models. (See the Game Masters web site for miniatures and information on MAATAC). The system has grown and evolved so much since then that there's not much of the old game left in it, but you can still see traces of the excellent system that inspired GL. The basic movement rates for some of the core units are the same as in the original MAATAC rules, as our tribute to Superior's original game design.

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