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Genoa II is a program in the Information Awareness Office, a branch of the United States Department of Defense's DARPA, initiated in Fiscal Year 2002. Its stated purpose is to apply new information technologies to increase the information flow between teams of analysts working to prevent terrorism.

Genoa II will use automated processes to help humans analyze data more quickly and more deeply. The addition of an active non-human element in the analysis may also produce and study new hypotheses and ideas that a purely human analysis would not consider.

Genoa II's program strategy is extremely ambitious and compelling- "Genoa II will develop and deploy:

  1. cognitive aids that allow humans and machines to “think together” in real-time about complicated problems;
  2. means to overcome the biases and limitations of the human cognitive system;
  3. cognitive amplifiers” that help teams of people rapidly and fully comprehend complicated and uncertain situations;
  4. the means to rapidly and seamlessly cut across – and complement – existing stove-piped hierarchical organizational structures by creating dynamic, adaptable, peer-to-peer collaborative networks."

The Genoa II project is the successor to Genoa, a more modest project intended to improve the structured presentation of information and assisted decision making. The Genoa project concluded in FY 2002. Both Genoa and Genoa II are headed by Mr. Tom Armour.

This strikes me as a project with transhumanist elements in it. Genoa II may not be going directly to brain implants, but just the idea of acknowledging human limitations and biases and using technology to overcome them is an important step to take. The augmentation will probably start out as regular computer programs presented on screens and speakers, but who knows where it will go from there?

Sources: http://www.darpa.mil/iao/GenoaII.htm

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