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Genova is the correct Italian name for Genoa.

Genova is also the birthplace and home town of Christopher Columbus (Christoforo Colombo in Italian).

Most recently Genova has overcome the ecconomic doldrums of the 80's to become one of Europe's most important ports and shipyards.

Genova was in the spotlight in July 2001 when it hosted the annual G8 summit. The city was trashed when hundreds of thousands of non violent anti-globalization protesters marched on the summit. A few thousand violent anarchists and autonomists and communists battled with police and carabinieri in the streets in a replay of the Battle of Seattle. They destroyed cars, smashed bank windows and made complete chaos of the city. One protestor was shot dead by the police.

Genova also has one of Europe's largest and most important aquariums as well as many beautiful beaches.

Located in Liguria Genova is the linchpin of the Italian Riviera and is the home to some 700,000 persons.

A old and exciting city, Genova has an impressive immigrant community made up of Morrocans, Africans and displaced persons from the Balkan wars.

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