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From Final Fantasy 7. Known as the "calamity from the skies", it crashed to earth approximately 2000 years before the game starts, creating the North Crater. The ancients then gathered there to help the planet focus its energy on healing itself. Once done with that task, the planet warned the ancients to flee, but it was too late. A spectral figure, Jenova in disguise, approached the ancients, infecting them with a virus that turned them into monsters. Jenova then continued the plan to infect ancients worldwide.

The planet created the Weapons to combat Jenova, but a few surviving ancients locked Jenova away. The weapons were then left to roam the planet.

Approximately 37 years before the beginning of the game, Shin-Ra scientist Dr. Gast discovered Jenova and brought it to Nibelheim. He mistakenly identified it as an ancient. In Nibelheim, the project tried to breed Jenova with a human, to create more ancients. Hojo and Lucretsia, two people working on the project, were married, and Lucretsia became pregnant, while Hojo infused her embryo with the cells from Jenova.

After giving birth to her part Jenova son, Sephiroth (who would later become the cheif villain of the game), Lucretsia's body collapsed from the strength of the Jenova cells.

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