Geoffrey Rush is an Australian actor who, in recent years, has worked in various successful Hollywood films.

Rush was born on July 6, 1951 in the Australian rural community of Toowoomba. He was educated at the University of Queensland in Queensland, Australia, majoring in English. Realising a passion for the performing arts, Rush attended the Jacques Lecoq School of Mime, Movement, and Theater in Paris, France.

Rush was a stage actor for over twenty-three years, before concentrating on his film career. It was while starring in an Australian stage production, Benefactors, that he met his wife, Jane.

Rush's must notable achievements to date (that is, early 2001) include having won a Best Actor Academy Award for playing the pianist, David Helfgott in Shine and having been nominated for two other Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Shakespeare in Love) and Best Actor (Quills).

Geoffrey Rush lives with his wife, Jane Menelaus and two children, Angelica and James.

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