Author of a post-literate, and very funny Microsoft and Bill Gates advocacy web page. Before reading it, you must agree to the GH-EULA (Gerald Homes End User Licence Agreement):
If you like linus os you must not read any more of this pages and go away to some other site right now. If you believe Micorsoft is really really really good then you can read my pages. Otherwise go away now or my lawyers will get in touch with you and Ill sue your pants off. By reading this you agree and I can make you do it too. If you dont agree with thise GH-EULA then you must leave now and say "I dont remember Geralds pages anymore" three times out loud. That is the only way I wont see you in court.
It's a hilarious satire of a fanatical windows user. For those out there that use linux or macintosh computers, Holmes' advocacy is a hoot. He's won the prestigious fork in the head prize and the awards.

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