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Beer has been brewed in Germany at least since Roman times, although considering the accounts of brewing in Germania by contemporaries it's probably improved since then. These days, beer is very much a part of German culture. Beer has been a part of politics in Germany at various stages. German states often regulated the price of beer, and the Reinheitsgebot of 1516 is still in force today, despite disputes with the EU. Kids often go for a drink after school. The cost of beer compared to the general cost of living is apparently also very favourable.

Good German beer is as good as good domestic beer, and, to be brutally honest, much better than anything the septics or the Belgians ever send over here. That said, Belgian beer, even Stella Artois is not as bad as American beer. However, despite the hype, the Reinheitsgebot is not a guarantee of quality by any means. For a weizen, try Schoefferhoeffer, which is as good as Redback. For a Pilsener, try Beck's. Avoid Holsten.

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