Gimme Some Lovin' is the delightful closing track off the G. Love and Special Sauce album Philadelphonic. The lyrics are half heartfelt love song and half tongue-in-cheek proposition for sex. Garrett Dutton (G. Love) provides the vocals for this solo track, accompanied by nothing but his acoustic guitar. This straight-faced folk song closes what is arguably the band's most pop-accessible album, and serves as an elegant reminder of Dutton's versatility and his musical roots.

Every G. Love and Special Sauce album except for Electric Mile closes with a mellow, folkish solo song from G. Love; Electric Mile closes with a song which, while still mellow and folkish, does not appear to be a solo performance. On, Dutton says that he is considering re-recording Gimme Some Lovin' for his upcoming solo debut.

This track is followed by a hidden track called Amazing.

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