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Once lead singer for the now defunct Toad the Wet Sprocket, Glen has forged on into a prolific solo career. His debut album abulum was released in 2001, and has been followed by several short stints in tour land. Mr. Phillips has toured/recorded with the likes of John Mayer, Nickel Creek, and Billy Bragg as well as many others. His music can be described as alterna-country, although it is quite similar to the work he did with Toad.

I initially heard Glen Phillips solo work immediately following the breakup of Toad. It was not long at all before Glen was recording, and he continuously posts new mp3s on www.glenphillips.com. I downloaded the song "Trainwreck" from Napster in 2000, I believe nearly a year before it was officially released on abulum. I was thoroughly impressed, and purchased the album from the GP website as soon as it became available. As far as I can tell, by purchasing through his site, you are guaranteed an autographed copy of abulum.

includes the songs:

Along with the bluegrass band Nickel Creek, Glen Phillips has formed the superband Mutual Admiration Society. As far as I know, they have released only one song "Sake of the World" on Aware Records' Aware 9 Compilation available at http://www.awarestore.com/display.cfm?PRODUCT_ID=2312. There is a link to download the song as an mp3, but I have yet to get the link to work. If you hear the song, be sure to let me know how it is.

Rumor has it that Glen is taking a bunch of time off touring to spend time with his wife and family... what a pussy. It's also reported that during this time he'll be writing and recording the new album.

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