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gnumeric is not bad, not at all. As I write this, it still suffers from sever printing problems, probably due to Postscript generation. Today, to print a fairly small worksheet gnumeric allocated 64 Megs. I had faith and waited for the end of the swap fest, and it made it, but it was not pretty. mpg123 greatly suffered :-)
User interface compatibility with Excel is outstanding, down to the keyboard equivalents (or accelerators). I have seen a Windows Excel user (non-geek) pound out a whole tax worksheet on gnumeric without one instant of hesitation.

Obvious as it may be, gnumeric is a GNOME application that runs under Linux.

Gnumeric is indeed a spreadsheet. It is indeed developed by Ximian (formerly known as Helix Code). It is part of the Ximian GNOME (Formerly Helix GNOME) desktop. Evolution is another part of the desktop, and is a "groupware" (email, calendar, address book, etc) program. And, like all GNOME applications, it's not just for Linux-- it works with all unix apps.

And, despite what people who post things like lists of "why not to use gnome", GNOME does indeed work, is easy to install, and is quite stable. It's also a better development platform than KDE for 2 reasons: easier to access from multiple languages, and it uses the LGPL for libraries, so it's cheaper to use for commercial development.

Just clarifying.


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