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What my father says to me every single FUCKING MORNING!

This means several different things:

1) Damnit, gay son, why can't you be straight like my other straight sons? Go out and do some physical labor because that's what makes men straight! (see also ignorant fathers)

2) Dammit, son, you spend way too much time on that computer! Maybe if I had opposable thumbs too, I might actually appreciate the usefulness of a computer. But since I hate them, you must hate them too. Now get out of the house and do something! (see also ignorant fathers)

3) Dammit, son, stop smoking all that weed! I know that I can't find any solid proof (because there isn't any), but I'm sure that you're smoking some because I'm your father and I'm always right! Hahaha! Now, give me the weed so that I can, er, uh.. dispose of it properly. (see also ignorant fathers)

Now you see, my dad doesn't quite realize this, but because I'm still a teenager this does kinda hurt. It's pretty psychologically damaging to feel every day that my father hates who I am. So here's my main point of this node. Fathers, mothers, nurture your children no matter what they choose to do, because otherwise you're just leading them down that long damn bumpy path with a big fat sign called "suicide".

(it should be noted, in response to the next writeup, that I lived in a rural area at the time of this writing, which actually had pretty decently clean air. :)

A rather ironic statement considering the condition of my neighborhood. Ok, not so much ironic, but more JUST PLAIN WRONG.

For me, going outside into the "fresh air" is anything but healthy. The first thing I notice when I step outside is a distinct tightening of my chest. When I breathe in and taste the pollution-flavoured air, I remember why.

Some days I'm lucky enough to be treated to a variation in the air and I get to play "guess that pullution-tinged flavour!" while I'm walking to class. This game is the spice of my day! Hmmm....what will it be today? Fertilizer? McDonalds hamburger fumes? Or just plain old car exhaust?

Although going out and getting fresh air is very exciting, it does nothing for my lungs or my physical well-being, and, needless to say, will not change my sexual orientation (unless the toxic soup of chemicals in our air has acquired some new powers since I stopped reading the newspapers).

So when your father says this to you, feel free to laugh at him. I know this will probably not make you feel any better or improve your situation, but hopefully he will understand the complete innacuracy of his statement. You can tell him that it would, in fact, be healthier for you to remain inside typing away on your computer for 24 hours of every day. After laughing at him, I guess you could reply with "Sure, dad! I'll step outside to brave the carcinogenic whirlpool of dangerous chemicals that will immediately invade my lungs. God knows it would be healthier than staying in here!"

That's what I would do. Well, I'd probably just run away or move or something, but I'd definitely think of this afterwards and wish I hadn't run away. Good luck. :)

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