Global investment bank and securities firm founded in 1869, with several hundred billion dollars in managed assets (approximately $300bn in Q2 2001).

Currently located in New York City with offices in 43 countries, but are building major offices in Jersey City. It is unknown whether they will admit this to the world at large.

Goldman was an underwriter for many IPO's during the dot-com implosion, and may have earned as much as $500 million for their troubles. The performance of these companies has generally disappointed the market, which may have tarnished their reputation and gotten them in hot water to boot.

Some of their IPOs include:
- Accenture
- Agilent
- Covad
- Doubleclick
- eBay
- Themselves
- iVillage
- LoudCloud
- NetZero
- Red Hat Software
- WebVan

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