As it relates to Mehul Patel's oldsk0ol BBS door game Barren Realms Elite, the Gooey Kablooie was the most devastating weapon in InterBBS play. The entire planet (BBS) had to team up to create one, donating the 300 million or so credits required to build and launch the weapon of mass destruction. Once built, it is sent to a rival planet to wreak havoc and eats up millions of military units and destroys valuble land.

Those of us that remember the Gooey Kablooie have very vivid memories of it... There's nothing like logging on to your local InterBBS board and seeing " \/\/aLLy \/\/eRL|) has begun construction of a Gooey Kablooie! Would you like to donate? (0-25,857,251) " or " A Gooey Kablooie from Flight Line BBS has arrived! How many jets will you send to fight it? (0-1,649,102) ". It was truely the scourge of BRE, and will never be forgotten by those of us fortunate to have played on an InterBBS board.

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