Google earth is an Excellent program used to view aerial photography of most anywhere on earth. To get it, see The program has many applications and features that make it easy to use and fun.

The user interface is set up so that you may spin a 3d globe to any spot you wish. If you want to zoom in on an area, all you do is center that area and use your mouse scroll. If you wanted to jump to a place, (i.e. your house), you can find your house manually, then add a "Placemark" this enables you to go back to that image whenever you please.

You can enable terrain features, which overlaps the 2 dimentional aerial photograph with previously collected topographical data. You can roll/pitch and yaw your point of view to better see the terrain features. This function is performed by holding either the control or shift button while scrolling your mouse.

Also, some cities have a "3d buildings" feature, where a user has entered data about building shapes, sizes and locations in select locations. This enables you to see these buildings.

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