You can now text message (SMS) into Google and get a response to your mobile phone. Assuming you live in the 'States, that is, and assuming you speak English - the rest of the world is currently unsupported. They are, supposedly, working on it.

Simply send a text message to 46645 (or GOOGL, conveniently located on a phone's middle row) containing your standard search terms, and receive Google's highest ratest search results. Just make sure your search term is specific enough and you should be fine.

For instance, if I search for "New York Shakespeare" I get two messages: one for the Shakespeare and Company on whitehall street and one for the store on Broadway. Sounds quite convenient to me, though experience seems to be the ultimate equalizer.

It's worth noting that Froogle searches are also available through this SMS service by including "Price" at the beginning of your SMS message. Seems to be extremely handy for making sure you're not being ripped off mid-purchase.

A "How To" guide with information on how to use the service as well as usable shortcuts is available at

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