I spent my last piaster
and we danced away the waste,
Radiant in the drab green past tense,
Content, two dying moths ablaze.

She’d walked in slow, through smoky haze,
In the heat of another Bien Hoa night game,
The only blonde in that death-drenched pall,
Ignoring all who watched but me.

It felt like we would last till morning,
And I shrugged away the lanky frenchgirl,
Placed a quiet one-fifty P
In her cool and practiced tiny hand.

The night was ours in the very last place,
Two short-short-short short-timers there,
A duffel-bag drag and a bowl of cornflakes,
We’d both fly home in the grey good light.

I was a free man once, in Saigon.
I made a chance between two souls.
The first is gone and almost old now,
But the blonde remains, and the memory she stole.

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