Breaking starch refers to the age-old military act of putting on a fresh uniform, usually first thing in the morning, and always by garrison troops, i.e. those who aren't actually engaged in combat and who therefore have the opportunity to wear clean clothes.

I don't recall ever washing my own clothes at any point during my non-combative military service. Our uniforms, both "Class-A" khakis and olive drab "fatigues," were carefully identified with indelible ink, collected and returned, impeccably laundered.

You get those sharp creases in trousers and shirts by using lots and lots of starch in the final rinse. The physical act of breaking starch, sticking your limbs through clothes as hard as cardboard, with the pants legs and sleeves actually stuck together can only be described in terms usually reserved for the act of making love.

Breaking starch is all about that elusive military esprit d' corps. It's one of the things that separates a soldier from a civilian.

Be glad you've never experienced it.

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