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Dream-like, point-and-click-like experimental story!


A hand-drawn puzzle-like, point-and-click game without dialogue, but with beautiful art and an abstract story.


You essentially drag-and-drop squares with scenes on them. By arranging them and playing with perspective, you move things and guide our protagonist.


Highly abstract and hard to define with precision. Per the discussions online, there’s multiple interpretations of the story itself. My opinion is that this ambiguity is intentional.

What’s wrong?

I disagree with some of the Steam Tags, but I recognize they’re there to serve a function.

It’s not a puzzle game in the sense most people would think. It’s more of an exploration through point-and-click mechanics. That’s not to say it’s entirely a point-and-click, there’s some logic to be applied and the game requires observation to advance.


Yes, but:

  1. It’s short. Your first go might go maybe two hours, three if you really get stumped,
  2. It’s—again—not a puzzle in the traditional sense,
  3. It lands squarely in the artsy-fartsy spectrum of games,
  4. It doesn’t have a crafted story, more like a dream, a fluid narration.

If you’re ok with those, give it a go, it’s beautiful, short and sweet.


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