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It started the year before I graduated, the senior class gave the Dean of Students a sucker in exchange for the diploma. He wasn't expecting it and soon his pockets filled up with suckers in what was supposed to be a very solemn commencement ceremony.

So, the class of '91 we decided to one up 'em. We knew we were going to be 'frisked' (very casual) to make sure we weren't carrying in things like silly string, air horns and such (this was in '91, long before anyone thought of bringing a gun to school) - thus it had to be small.

Sir, I would like 100 super bouncy balls.

Each of us brought in a super bouncy ball - the type you play jacks with, the small type. Being no problem to smuggle in (turned out we were able to get in the silly string, balloons and the confetti) because the teachers 'frisking' us were leaving that year too. One guy even was able to bring one of those tubes you spin over your head in his pants leg.

My hamster eats oat-meal
your hamster eats corn.

We head up to the podium in the gym, one by one. The Dean of Students thinks there's something up but can't quite put his finger on it. The first diploma is handed out and he's got a bouncy ball. No problem, just stick it in his pocket. Its a coincidence.

Another diploma and another super bouncy ball. Ok, now something is up.

Another diploma and another bouncy ball. Some quick math... oh no, they won't all be able to fit in my pockets

After awhile, he tries putting the balls on a table - hey, it worked with the suckers. Balls don't stay still, they roll... and bouncy balls bounce.

Granted, our class isn't that big, only ~100 people (nothing like some others that have several hundred or a thousand people). Still, there are bouncy balls in his pockets. There are bouncy balls on the table, there are bouncy balls on the floor. All in all, it was quite amusing.

The next year, the administration learned and brought large barrels for anything they may be given... And the class of '92 went for the 'public service' stuff, they brought canned food. Canned food can't be stuck in pockets, but stacks very nicely on tables and in barrels. Its the thought that counts, right?

Its been 10 years now... I wonder if I should bring some super bouncy balls to the reunion.

Foregoing any GTKY'ness

'Graduation Day' is generally applied to schooling, meaning the day that your course requirements are completed and you are issued your diploma or otherwise and then sent on your merry way. There is usually some pomp and circumstance to go along with it to commemorate the time spent in said institution.

In north America and most of Europe it is usually applied to 'High School', though it also can apply to College/University or Trade Schools.

The most well-known thing about Graduation, beside being dimploma'd, is the ever-present mortar board.

Now that that's out of the way... My High School Graduating class, in '97, had 800 graduates. About 4/5 of the class gave To our Principal, as we accepted our diplomas, one penny. Economies of scale, baby.

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