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Note: This particular song has a chorus (the italicized lines). It is meant to be repeated between each verse. This song also blends a little bit of poetry with a now-formulaic love-lost plot...almost like modern American/Western-European pop music. Hmmm.
I once had a sweetheart but now I have none
He's gone and he's left me, to weep and to mourn
He's gone and he's left me, for others to see
But I'll soon find another, far better than he

Green grows the laurel, soft falls the dew
Sorry was I, love, when parting from you
But at our next meeting I hope you'll prove true
And we'll join the green laurel and the violet so blue

He passes my window both early and late
And the looks he gives at me would make my heart break
The looks he gives at me a thousand would kill
Though he hates and detests me, I love that lad still

I wrote him a letter in red rosy lines
He wrote back an answer all twisted and twined
Saying: Keep your love-letters and I will keep mine
You write to your love and I'll write to mine

Now I oft'times do wonder why maidens love men
And oft'times I wonder why young men love them
But from my own knowledge I will have you to know
That the men are deceivers wherever they go

British Isles (probably Irish) folk song -- original author unknown. Appeared in a collection of gypsy songs from southern England as well.

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