Isn't it strange how that happens:

When one is a little kid they are oh-so excited about the aging process. The young child tends to reason with the logic that the older they get, the more free they will be until they are their own boss. What the child doesn't understand is that their years of innocence are slowly whittling away, along with, in some instances, the best times of their entire lives.

Then one fateful day, puberty hits. The common logic of the teenager is that the older he or she gets, the closer to the prime of their life they get, which, of course, is when they will appear most attractive to the opposite sex and either 1) actually get some or 2) get some MORE. And, of course, the teenager is also somewhat disillusioned by the logic of the child: that when adulthood comes they will be their own boss.

Finally, adulthood hits, and, for a time, the average person seems to forget about aging and enjoy their life, at least the aging part. The childhood dreams of being ones own boss is, of course, shattered, when the realization occurs that everyone works for someone. One the whole, though, aging phases out of the picture.

Then 30 years old happens and all the lovely things that go with it. Grey hairs, baldness, layers of flab and all that good stuff. The individual is finally faced with the fact that every single year they add on is one extra year towards the inevitable, and aging is NOT a good thing. From here on out, the aging process is hell. Growing older makes the person feel depressed because he faces his own mortality and all the aging signs that come with it.

Such is the melancholy process of aging.

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