Guano Apes, the German band, was founded in 1994. Their musical style is hard to describe as it varies from loud distorted metal pieces like We Use The Pain and Lords Of The Boards to delicate sounds of Maria and weird funk style of Suzie. The dominant factor of the band's music is energy and the lead singer Sandra Nasic does a good job at generating it.

In 1996 the band entered a competition called "Local Heroes", sponsored by VIVA TV channel. They won the contest and were given an opportunity to shoot a music video and also received enough money to record what later became their first album. VIVA gave their Open Your Eyes video a lot of air time and enough popularity to convince Gun Records to offer them a deal. The debut album Proud Like A God was released in 1997 and immediately received frantic reviews.

Sandra Nasic - vocals
Dennis Poschwatta - drums
Stefan Ude - bass
Henning Ruemenapp - guitar

Proud Like A God (1997) - Includes hit singles Open Your Eyes and Lords Of The Boards.
Don't Give Me Names (2000)

http://www.guanoapes.com/ - Nice official site with news, lyrics, audio&video clips etc.

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