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A large black cat, reportedly seen around Cornwall, England in conjunction with livestock deaths. Some believe the animal may be an escaped puma, panther, or leopard, and skulls from these animals have been found in the area. However, these are most likely from rugs or trophys. In fact the Natural History Museum, London proved that at least one of these skulls was from a cat that did not die on Bodwin Moor by using forensic entomology.

Reports of the Beast began circulating in the 1980's and 1990's, and in fact similar sightings have popped up all over England. Known as Alien Big Cats or ABC's, over 300 sightings were reported in 1996 alone. Great Britain's Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food conducted an official inquiry as to the existence of the Beast of Bodwin Moor, and stated that although there was "no verifiable evidence" ABC's in Britain, "the investigation could not prove that a 'big cat' is not present."

The Beast of Exmoor is another ABC with a similar description. Also called Ghost Cats.

Typically studied under the guise of cryptozoology, like El Chupacabra, the yeti and their ilk.

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