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What the British like to call large feline animals (which are not of the housecat or common wildcat variety) especially when they are roaming free in urban areas.

Legendary ABCs have been The Beast of Barnet (sadly caught on 8 May, 2001), The Surrey Puma, The Beast of Ongar and The Beast of Bodmin Moor. There are now reports of sightings from nearly every county in Britain.

Many believe that the primary reason for the existence of these feral felines is the Dangerous Wild Animals Act of 1976 which made it illegal to keep big cats without a license. The thinking is that instead of getting a license owners simply let their animals loose. A few experts reckon that big cats only live for 20 years and the cats let loose into the bush should be all dead by now, so they can only conclude that the cats are breeding.

Some people were caught releasing their feline pets into the wild. Leslie Maiden (a former lion tamer) has admitted to releasing a panther and a jaguar in Derbyshire in 1974.

Personal Note: I kinda like the idea of these spurned wild animals coming back into urban areas to take revenge on us. Go ABCs!

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