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The main native language of Paraguay.

Also the monetary unit of Paraguay. It is divided into 100 centimos. It was introduced in 1944, replacing the peso. The plural is guaraníes, and the symbol is a G with a line through it: earlier a vertical line, but from about 1990 they seem to be using a forward slash (going by Paraguayan stamps).

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Guaraní is the main native language of Paraguay. Although Spanish is the national language in Paraguay, most of the population speaks Guaraní. Here are some of the most important phrases

Hello- Vay eh shu pa
Thank You- Ah Guh Ye
Yes- Hey- ee
No- A HA nee ree
Bathroom- Ja Hoo Ha
Water- Ee
Drunk- Kah Ooh
Breast- KAH Mah
Crazy- Tah Vee
Ugly- Vay ee
Devil- Ah nya
Man- Ah Vah
Woman- Ku Nya Kah Ry EE
Woman (shortened) - Nya
Girl- Ku Nya Ta EE
Fat- Kee Ra
(to) Die- Mah No
(to) Love- Umb- or ay hoo
(to) Suck- Pyee Tay

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