One of the most fun games on Sega Saturn, made by Treasure. It is a story driven side scrolling brawler that supports 2 players in story mode and 6 players in arena mode. Its control scheme is like a 1-on-1 fighting game, plus buttons to cast spells, block, give your undead warrior commands, and jump north and south. Despite being violent and resembling a mob riot, the characters are often pastel and always lighthearted.

The story is of a god and demon trying to take over the earth, a vengant robot-building wizard trying to dupe both mortal kings and the gods and devils, undead warriors returning to win their grandchildren's war, a contested throne, a princess posing as a knight, a megalomaniacal jester, and an underdog band of good guys, or "Guardian Heroes", to fix everybody's messes.

In the GH world, it's perfectly normal for a rabbit to pose as a fire-breathing plant blob, for bodybuilders to throw sweat at their enemies, for an undead warrior to withstand the force of a hydrogen bomb and get up without a scratch, for a demoness to pose as a king, and for royal families to not even know if they're royal or not.

It's also normal for GH to be the life of any video gaming party. At a New Year's Eve party, my copy of Guardian Heroes with four controllers got more attention than Soul Calibur on Dreamcast. It's that fun.

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