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A 1994 cassette-only release from the Evolution Control Committee, attractively packaged in a hollowed-out 8-track shell (mine has a previous owner's address label on it).
Album notes:
Gunderphonic -- No, not a John Oswald tribute album, though done with respects to him. Indeed, 14 "original" violations of copyright for your manipulated enjoyment. Concrete music for the asphalt jungle. Patch your pineal potholes with:
1. Rebel Without A Pause (Whipped Cream Mix). 2:30.
2. Whole Lotta Royalty Payments. 6:30.
3. Cohen's Capers. 1:00.
4. How Low Can You Go? 1:45.
5. Cry-Baby Duck. 1:00.
6. The Acid Family. 3:00.
7. Bush Speech (Corrected) (Part 1). 1:00.
8. Industrial Poem. 1:30.
9. The Time I Get To Arizona (Whipped Cream Mix). 1:30.
10. The Mighty Hamburger. 2:15.
11. Hurdy-Gurdy Men. 3:00.
12. "But I Don't Believe In Evolution!" 2:15.
13. Bush Speech (Corrected) (Part 2). 1:00.
14. Not Only In... 4:15.
There are also extensive source listings, but you can go to detritus.net/ecc/gunderphonic/ for those and some downloads.

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